The Gathering Series 3, Episode 5 – Am I Bovvered?: Members of The Dukes Young Company in conversation with Daniel Bye

Welcome to Series 3 of The Gathering, a podcast for artists and creatives from Arts Lancashire.

This series is all about exploration, and features recorded conversations led by Lancashire based artists discussing themes and ideas that are important to their practice and the future of their work.

In this episode, members of The Dukes Theatre in Lancaster’s dynamic Young Company (ages 8-16) explore why representation matters, accessibility, and the real impact on creativity in the classroom because of cuts to arts education provision in local state schools.

The Dukes Young Company programme provides opportunity for young people to develop confidence, teamwork, communication, and performance skills.

Groups run several terms each year, each culminating in the chance for young people to perform on stage at The Dukes. Sessions take place in its Moor Space building on Moor Lane and are led by The Dukes Creative Communities team.

The Dukes is a home for artists to create and connect; reaching out beyond its building into communities and new spaces, and working through partnerships, to put culture and the arts at the heart of the Lancaster City region. Its Creative Communities programme aims to connect and respond to the wider artistic vision, while participant voices are at the heart of the work.

This episode takes the format of a one-hour discussion with members of The Dukes Young Company and is facilitated by North-West based theatre-maker, Daniel Bye, and explores what young people from Lancaster and Morecambe really think about the arts in 2021.

You can read a full transcript of this episode on our Resources page.

Images: Claire Griffiths



Some of the things we talk about in this episode:

  • Creativity in the classroom
  • Diversity in theatre
  • What it means to be a creative citizen
  • How Lancashire could be more creative
  • What Lancashire should do to get more young people involved in making and experience arts and culture


Contributors to this episode:

Daniel Bye, Theatre-maker

Carl Woodward, Creative Communities Manager

Keilah Chambers, Turner Film Engagement Lead

Members of The Dukes’ Young Company (ages 8-16)


Links mentioned in this episode:

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