Episode 1: Finding Creativity... with Jamie Holman

Jamie Holman is an award-winning artist, writer and lecturer whose multi-disciplinary practice covers video, audio, performance, photography, print, sculpture and text. Much of Jamie’s work is concerned with heritage and legacy and his pieces have the ability to draw out the reality of our social history in a way that pulls no punches. His art works have been featured by The Royal Academy of Art, The Tate Gallery, Liverpool, Derbyshires London, The National Festival of Making and the list goes on. He’s been writing for the Saatchi Gallery Magazine, Art and Music, for over 10 years and is a founding member of the music/artist/writers collective tompaulin who released three LP’s, seven singles and recorded two sessions for the great John Peel.

In this episode Jamie talks to writer and creative producer, Alex O’Toole, and walks us through his journey as an artist and shares strategies and advice on how to curate your own career. After diving into the the importance of routine, we talk about spending time in your own head, how collaboration can help inspiration and how to figure out which opportunities to go for and which ones to let go. We also touch on the inspiration and process behind his latest work, co-commissioned by SuperSlowWay and Lancashire Encounter.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • The graft of required to find creativity and make work
  • Being an artist based in Lancashire
  • Collaboration as inspiration
  • Curating your career as an artist and choosing the opportunities that speak to you
  • The importance of routine for creativity
  • Finding purpose in failure

Links mentioned in this episode:

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