SoundBytes Event Accessibility

Blackpool Central Library has one main entrance with no steps. The front door will automatically open. Inside the library there is a ramp on the right hand side up to the ground floor lobby, or six steps. The ramp has a right, 90 degree angle turn. There is an accessible toilet on the ground floor.

The event will take place over two floors. We are expecting beteen 50 -100 people at the event. On arrival, you will be served refreshments in the exhibition area of the ground floor. This is a large space with high ceilings and stained glass windows. There will be some seating around the edges of the room and plenty of space for people to network.

Before the main programme starts, we will ask people to move upstairs to the Brunswick Room using the stairs in the lobby. These will be signposted. Wheelchair users may use the lift accessible from the ground floor to access the first floor, however, wheelchair users should be are that the corridor upstairs is quite narrow (85cm). We will have people to show the way to the lift.

The main programme will take place on the first floor in the Brunswick Room. This is large space with high ceilings and windows above head height providing natural light and ventilation. The room will be set out theatre style with chairs in rows facing the speaker area and screen at the far side of the room.

Speakers will use microphones and some of the presentations involve PowerPoint and video, which will show on the large screen behind them. The presentations will involve sound, video, speech and live music so may not be suitable for those with sensory conditions.

Please contact us at to discuss any specific accessibility needs.