Artist Talks at The National Festival of Making


The National Festival of Making
2022 Talks Programme


Friday 10th – Sunday 12th June | Blackburn

Lancashire is home to The National Festival of Making, a unique celebration of making, from the kitchen table to the factory floor.

This year’s programme includes a series of talks curated by The National Festival of Making in partnership with Creative Lancashire. It features some of the most recognisable names in fashion, design, art and industry in a series of free talks and panel discussions, and provides a rare opportunity for professional creatives, students, enthusiasts and the curious to learn more about the challenges, histories and future potential of making industries in their most diverse forms from those helping to shape them.?

All talks and panel discussions are free to attend, but due to limited capacity, booking is advised to guarantee your place. Take a look at what’s on:




Friday 10th June | 9.25am – 12.45pm
Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery

Two extended round table discussion exploring the circular economy of making.

Part 1 will explore how we create the conditions for makers and craft businesses to flourish whilst also addressing problems relating to the end of life of products and waste including:

  • What are principles and infrastructures that will support the circular economy principles in craft practice
  • What is the role of education to inform the next generation of makers and creators to consider circular design and increase the understanding of materials within the production process
  • What could be the role for design thinking in designing out waste in craft production
  • How can we help encourage a shift in consumers to ‘cherish use – not consumption’
  • What can be learned from the relationship with material & craft production in global majority communities where circular design disciplines are already embedded.
  • What can be learned from related sectors and industries approaches
  • Who else needs to be involved

Part 2  is informed by themes, ideas and provocations collected and presented by Ellen MacArthur Foundation in their recent Circular Design for Fashion publication which explores fashion industries huge potential to shift towards a circular economy fuelled by ‘passionate disrupters on the constant search for reinvention’.We will also look at the role of educators to reset the generation of fashion and textiles designers to embed circular economy principles to:

  • Eliminate waste and pollution
  • Circulate products and materials (at their highest value), and
  • Regenerate nature





Saturday 11th May | 4.30pm
Blackburn Cathedral

A potter by trade and known to many as the judge on TV shows like the Great Pottery Throw Down & The Victorian House of Arts & Crafts, Keith Brymer Jones talks with Wayne Hemingway.

Ballet dancer. Front man in an almost famous band. Being on the TV. How did all that happen?

What if an art teacher hadn’t given him a lump of clay? What if his band had been really successful? What if he hadn’t taken a photograph of a bowl to the buyer at Heals in London?

Expect to hear all of the above and more in this insightful conversation between the lively voices of Keith and Wayne.

This event will take place in Blackburn Cathedral on Saturday 11th June at 4:30pm. The event is FREE to attend but tickets are essential to manage capacity.





Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th June 

Meet the Art in Manufacturing commissioned artists and hear a short talk, each hosted by National Festival of Making Chair, Jamie Holman and Director of CoLab and Festival of Making Board Member Claire Mander. Artists will share their experiences of collaborating with industry, the theory and inspiration of their work and the knowledge they gained in process, materials and techniques. Each talk will take place in-situ at their exhibition spaces.

You do not need a ticket to attend the Art In Manufacturing talks.

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