WORKSHOP: “Digital Democracy – Culture and Empowering Participation”

It’s not over stating the case there is a crisis in taking part whether its in culture, society or democracy. Only just over a third of people voted in recent Lancashire County Council elections. New thinking is needed – which is where creativity comes in.

Lancashire 2025 City of Culture is exploring new principles to empower citizens – participatory budgeting, citizens’ and neighbourhood forums. Digital systems offer new ways and crucially routes to scale up participation. At the same time cultural organisations are used to engaging a wide range of the public. What is the new thinking, the best practice to ensure as many as possible have a say and can take part in our cultural and civic life? This workshop, led by Loz Kaye of Lancshire 2025 and freelance cultural change maker, aims to explore this question.

After an introduction with different perspectives on digital democracy and systems for participation, we will split in to groups to discuss focusing on the questions: What is the civic role of technology? What is the civic role of culture? What is current new and good practice in systems for participation?

Tickets for this workshop are free, but you will need to book below to secure your spot.