Carried invites you to engage with the world through a mother’s experience. To remember or to experience the notion of carrying someone – a baby in your womb, a child on your hip or shoulders, being lifted into a bath, or lifted out of a cot. To think about the act of walking as a mother walks, pushing the pram around town and pacing up and down in the middle of the night trying to rock the baby to sleep.

During the course of this fifteen minute audio walk around Preston Flag Market, you will be asked to carry a watermelon, which represents the size of the 40 week foetus. You may witness, encounter or pass a person, or multiple people carrying watermelons around the flag market.

Carried is designed to be inclusive: ‘m/otherhood’, including male, trans and non-binary audiences, whose perceptions and stories around parenting should also be heard.

D/deaf participants can engage with a translator, visually impaired can engage with a guide, wheelchair users can participate.

Carried starts at the front of The Harris Museum & Art Gallery.


Created by: Krissi Musiol


Krissi Musiol is a North West performance maker. She is currently exploring motherhood, the maternal body as archive, labour (birth) and labour (work).  Areas of interest include
exhaustion, recovery of body and mind, postpartum motivation,  motherhood and time,motherhood and storytelling, motherhood and shared experience.